Advancing Your Science

Innovative science flourishes in academic research institutions. However, drug discovery requires highly  specialized expertise, significant technical resources, and substantial funding. We work with institutions and their faculty to identify novel concepts that might not otherwise be resourced. Together, we will develop IP, de-risk programs early and identify a path forward to a preclinical development candidate.

Our capabilities span three primary areas:

Intellectual Capital

Operational Expertise

A dedicated team with extensive scientific, drug discovery, and operational expertise.

Physical Capital

Drug Discovery

Industrialized drug discovery capabilities to drive forward new medicines.

Financial Capital

Investor Vision

Deep investments in life sciences advancing projects to preclinical drug candidates and beyond.

Intellectual Capital: Operational Expertise

Moving your science from project feasibility to a preclinical development candidate requires deep operational expertise and a proven track record in R&D. At Autobahn Labs, we bring industry experts and a world class drug discovery team comprised of more than 3,000 Evotec scientists to move your ideas forward.

From medicinal chemistry and genomics to proteomics, CRISPR/shRNA and beyond, our team of drug hunters has a broad range of expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding concept validation, data replication and research design. We have an eye for clinical and commercial viability, and most importantly, potential patient benefit. We are building meaningful collaborations focused on a common goal.

Single point of contact

3,000+ scientists

Industry experts and advisors

Ongoing research collaboration

Expertise from target ID through IND

Physical Capital: Drug Discovery Technology Platform

For our academic and scientific partners, Autobahn Labs provides industrialized drug discovery technology and tools to accelerate new therapies for promising new targets. Autobahn Labs leverages the capabilities of Evotec, a leader in the drug discovery field with more than 20 years of integrated drug discovery expertise.

Evotec provides state-of-the-art technologies and a platform designed to rapidly progress innovative product approaches. We thoroughly review each potential project to develop a coherent drug discovery plan, no matter how advanced the science. Our excellence in execution combined with a proven drug discovery framework allows us to systematically develop best-in-class and first-in-class differentiated therapeutics.

Financial Capital: Funding

For academic institutions, funding beyond basic research is one of the most significant roadblocks to advancing scientific ideas. When you partner with Autobahn Labs, we provide the financial capital required to advance compelling science to preclinical drug candidate and secure critical intellectual property.

Our investment strength is fueled by Samsara BioCapital, a prominent life sciences venture capital firm, and KCK Ltd., a family investment fund. Seeking innovative medicines that are therapeutic area- and modality-agnostic, our investors are experienced in drug discovery and development and maintain a long-term investment vision consistent with the drug development lifecycle.

Up to $5 million invested per project

Investing in early stage to preclinical development candidate

Patient capital with a long-term investment strategy