Meet the visionary leaders who are here to partner with you in forging an exciting future in drug discovery and development and realize the potential of your science.

Thomas Novak, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Michelle Kim-Danely, PhD

SVP Operations

Rich Van Doren

Chief Financial Officer
Yuxi Lin

Yuxi Lin, PhD

Associate Director of Project Management

Iva Toudjarska, PhD, MBA

SVP, Evotec

Steve Shuttleworth, PhD

Medicinal Chemistry

Donnie McCarthy, PhD


Ana Mariategue

Executive Assistant

Perry Karsen

Executive Board Chair

Srinivas Akkaraju, MD, PhD

Board Member

Thomas Hanke, PhD

Board Member

Nety Krishna, PhD

Board Member

Abraham Bassan, MS

Board Observer

John Curnutte, MD, PhD


Steve Kelsey, MD


James Larrick, MD, PhD


Bob Stein, MD, PhD